Boyesen 543 Reed Fits Arctic Cat

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  • REVOLUTIONARY PERFORMANCE Boyesen's patented dual-stage design incorporates a specially shaped top reed and a ported bottom reed.
  • The top reed is lightweight and resilient for crisp throttle response at partial throttle or low RPMs.
  • The stiffer, bottom reed is ported to provide maximum flow and horsepower at higher RPMs.
  • More valves equals more power by creating: More Air Flow.
  • The dual-stage design allows you to replace your stock reed stop with a Rev-Plate which permits the reeds to open freely and function efficiently.
  • More Air Velocity.
  • The multi-port feature of the bottom reed creates more channels for the charge, delivering increased velocity to the intake ports.
  • More Overall Power.
  • Dual-stage reeds work in unison to perform efficiently throughout the entire powerband.
  • The difference in stiffness between the top reed and the bottom reed allow the reeds to respond quickly and accurately to changes in engine pressure.
  • This translates into quicker acceleration, crisper throttle response and increased horsepower throughout the powerband.
  • Quicker acceleration for that all-important holeshot.
  • Crisper throttle response for fast corner exits and surer jumps.
  • More horsepower throughout the powerband for guaranteed performance.
  • Improved engine efficiency and fuel economy for the long distance rider.
  • Longer life - Boyesen Power Reeds outlast all other aftermarket reeds.